Go Green

Future Home Integration has a tremendous focus on “Green” technology. There are so many ways to incorporate some green into your life.

Real time power monitoring raises your awareness, letting you know your actual power consumption throughout the day.

Replace a switch with a dimmer. It will also double the life expectancy of the bulb itself. More value and less waste.

Conserve energy and save. Electronics draw power when they are plugged in, even if they are not in use. By designing a system that shuts down individual loads will help conserve power and extend the life of your equipment.

Let natural light fill the room. Allow an automated shade solution to let natural light in during the day to reduce the need to use lights in your home. Add the convenience of light filtering shades to reduce the heat. Your air conditioner will work less and last longer.

Home Theater:
Using state of the art equipment and acoustical treatments we will help you realize the theater of your dreams.

Multi-Room Audio:
Future Home Integration can give you full control of your media wherever you want it.

Digital Signage:
A network of digital billboards that are strategically placed in high traffic areas throughout the community.